why allieballiemakeup started

We all have that moment in life when everything changes. Sometimes its for the better, the worst or maybe even both. allieballiemakeup was never my dream since I was a child, yes I always loved hair and makeup, but I was pretty self-conscious and shy, so putting myself so publicly out there never seemed liked a possibility. 3 1/2 years ago my life basically changed forever. I was hit in the head with a baseball bat at a Cubs spring training game and suffered a traumatic brain injury. I really thought my life was over. I had to leave University, my friends and my life. I was so bored at home just going from doctors to doctors but I was too sick to do much of anything. I started watching Youtube makeup videos and thought, maybe I could do that. It took about a month to upload my first picture and I didn't tell a soul. I was embarrassed and thought what I was doing was dumb. My friends only starting finding out because allieballiemakeup popped up as a suggested friend. I still didn't really admit it until a year later! lol I am so grateful I watched that first video, made my account and fell head over heels for the beauty community. I honestly don't know what I would do without allieballiemakuep, she helps me through tough brain days, surgeries and everything in between. My event changed my life forever and to this day I am still sick from it, but because of it, it opened up this entire world.