one step changed my skin forever

TBH I have always struggled with my skin. I grew up with really bad acne and my face was always breaking out, too dry or too oily. I could never win. I was literally scared to put anything on my face in fear it would make it worse. Little did I know it would improve my skin dramatically. Now I'm not saying that all I had to do was slap on some moisturizer and I was chillen..nope. I do have a pretty intense skincare regiment. However, a huge difference was moisturizing day and night. I also huge a bunch of different moisturizers depending on how my face is acting that day. Its all about strategy. Too dry? Heavier moisturizer. Too Oily? Lighter, water based. Pretty good? Players choice, but don't mess it up! LOL I'm going to share with you my favorite moisturizers that can get me through the intense week. These babies have lasted with me forever and ALWAYS get the job done so they get an A+. My first is definitely the Clinique Moisture Surge I use the almost everyday. I love it because its so hydrating, its not super heavy, and I can wear it under my makeup. A lot of heavier moisturizers tend to mess up my makeup, super frustrating, but the Clinique never does and it keeps my makeup in place all day. Fresh is another amazing moisturizer in this sense. Specifically, the Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream. This can literally transform your face in a night and if you keep using it your face starts looking better. Mine definitely has a certain glow now and I love it. The Glamglow Volcasmic is the when it comes to a moisturizer that isn't heavy, gives you a glow, and is perfect under makeup. So its basically amazing. Its called a matte-glow moisturizer which gives you this amazing soft glow and it looks stunning with and without makeup. My makeup literally does not move with this on, and if you are worried about oily skin I would definitely recommend this. The last one is for those days when nothing this working, your face is super dry and you just want to give up. On those days I challenge my face with the Drink of H20 Hydrating Boost Moisturizer. I know. It sounds awesome, because it is. I would only use the one at night because it can be super heavy and thats because it gets the job done. I love waking up in the morning with an oily face when my face was bone dry the night before. Thats how you know it worked! Now I am not saying in a week your face will have changed dramatically because you started using moisturizer but after a bit of time your will gradually start to see the improvement and you face will love you a whole lot more!