so many (hydrating) face little time

I am just going to come out an say it, Hi my name is Allie and I am face mask obsessed. And if it is a hydrating face mask OMG you better watch out. I am just so in love with them and yes they work! I do a face mask at least four times a week and my skin starts to crawl if I haven't put one on every of couple days. My skin hardcore craves them. I love that there are so many options as well. Need a quick pick me up? Sheet Mask. Dry at night? Overnight Mask. Have sometime to pamper? Full on face mask baby. And honestly they are all so amazing. Overnight masks are amazing for those nights you know you need a mask, but you don't want to wait for it to finish. I have a few favs. The first is the Glamglow Hydrating Mask. This mask is great because you wake up and the mask has just seeped into your pores, everything is so much more hydrated and refreshed. You also don't wake up with anything sticky on your face it just feels like you put on a great moisturizer. The next one is the Fresh Rose Face Mask. This is one of the best hydrating face masks I have ever tried. I was so dry one time and literally nothing worked. I put this on my face and I woke up like nothing was wrong. Yeah, its that good. The last one is the Body Shop Tea Tree Overnight face mask. This one I love because it actually soothes my face and calms it down with hydrating it. I wake up with less puffiness and less redness. Next we move on to the sheet masks, now hydrating sheet masks you can literally buy anywhere, and sometimes..okay most times I do. I would just be careful on how they interact with your face. But I have tried dollar face mask that work amazing, so definitely go for it. I love the Sephora ones just because I know they will work every time. There are two super hydrating face mask that I love if I have 20 minutes to spare. The first one is the Lush Bunny Moon Jelly Face Mask. This one is super hydrating, but also calms your skin down really well. P.S. it smells amazing. Then second one is Nugg I have a couple that I love from there. The Deep Cleaning one is great because it is super hydrating but doesn't leave you shiny. I would definitely recommend there mask because they get the job done and they are super inexpensive! There are so many options for a great hydrating face mask that you really can't go wrong, you just have to figure out what works for you!