charcoal whats the hype?

Are charcoal masks worth all the hype? Or are they just per entertainment when they become Facebook videos? I think I have almost every charcoal mask out there and from personal experience if you have my kind of acne(small bumps with minor whiteheads)and blackheads...they totally are! Now don't put one on and except your face to look like its been facetuned to the heavens, but after sometime you will see improvement! Charcoal masks have a lot of hype, because they are clearly working for people! I would say there are two main types you can buy: the ones you peel off and the wash off. I do like them both, but I don't tend to use the peel off as much...because it hurts! Those Facebook videos don't lie, they are a pain to take off BUT (pro tip: you can just wash them off, duh) If you try it and you literally can't hand the pain, just wash it off problem solved! I tend to use my masks once to twice a week and I know they help, because when I don't use them everything tends to flare up!