is boujee really better?

In the beauty world there are so many options..literally you can go into most stores and buy something beauty related. But is buying a lower-end foundation that much different then that amazing high end foundation? Let me tell you a secret..NO! It all depends on you! It depends on how you feel about the foundation, how it makes your skin look, and most importantly does it make you feel even more beautiful (because you already are!) I will give you the low down on my favorite foundations, ranging from the low end all the way to the high end. Number one on this list is Makeup Forever Ultra HD Liquid Foundation. I love that this is a medium-full coverage but feels like nothing on my face and more importantly it lasts all day!! Everyone always compliments me when I wear this foundation because it looks so natural! This foundation is $43 on My drugstore fav is the Maybelline Super Stay Full Coverage Foundation! This is a brand new foundation and I'm already so in love with it. It literally does not move off your face and it makes you look airbrushed. I mean what else could you ask for. This foundation is $11.99 and you can on Maybelline, Amazon, and The last, and most expensive foundation, is the YSL All Hours Full Coverage Foundation. So this foundation is beautiful. It is full coverage and gives your skin a beautiful luminosity. It stays on all day and makes you look airbrushed. This foundation retails for $58 on

As you can see all three of these foundation are so similar, except for the price and I am obsessed with them all! So don't let the brand names or the "drugstore" idea throw you off if you love a foundation and it makes you look IT!